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 Hale Ltd. is a small consultancy offering bespoke hand-crafted electronics, prototypes and curios.


Nick from Hale Ltd. is an active contributor to the Open Source community, maintaining several repositories that can be used by others to build their own projects and also occasionally contributing small fixes or feature additions to the work of others.


This is a machine-to-machine messaging protocol for off-grid devices based on the Espressif ESP8285/8266/32 ecosystem. It establishes a self organising mesh network where all nodes participate equally.


This is an off-grid multi-user messaging system built on m2mMesh and using a port of the popular SQLite database for the back end.


This is a library to build GUI-like interactions using the advanced features of full terminal emulators, allowing you to have mouse-clickable widgets in a terminal window. Originally developed to help with creating a UI for backslang, it can be used to make user interfaces for many microcontroller based projects.


An abstraction layer for the popular MRC522 RFID reader that creates a 256-bit bitmask of 'groups' and stores it on a MIFARE Classic card. This library abstracts the fiddly read & write operations to make for easy use of RFID cards in projects.

Intended for interactive experiences, not secure applications as the encryption on MIFARE Classic is long broken.


A library to configure and read from the popular Hi-Link LD2410 24Ghz FMCW radar sensor.


An Arduino library for Pimoroni RGBW trackball breakout.


An implementation of a one-button 'typing' system that works similarly to Morse Code, but uses the Polybius square grid of letters and is easier to memorise. This is colloquially known as 'prison morse'.


A word wrap library for Arduino